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We are committed to provide ICT technology solutions that exceeding the expectations of our clients, seamless system integration and quality service & support. Over the number of years Seven Star Technology has develop and integrated solution by partnering with some of the renowned manufacturers in the world.
  • Quality assurance in all tasks
  • Friendly approach & honor our commitments
  • Provide best Technical solutions for our client

CCTV Surveillance

SEVEN STARS TECHNOLOGY mainly focus on providing efficient and complete integrated CCTV surveillance solutions for clients.

Time Attendance

A time attendance system imparts professionalism as well as productivity at the work place with employees maintaining time at work.

Access Control

Access control systems performs authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities.

PABX System

PABX (private automatic branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between users on local lines.

Storage Solutions

We providing a complete product line of network storage including iSCSI SAN, Fiber Channel SAN & Unified Storage for all business.

Audio Video System

We enhanced Audio Visual systems to complement your IT network and where possible build them into your existing or separate network

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling replaces all the different cabling with a single cabling system, which covers the whole building.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Seven star technologies provide GPS based vehicle tracking systems and vehicle monitors. We are ASETEEL certified company.

Speed Limiter

A speed limiter is a small, electronic device that limits a vehicle's maximum speed to 73 mph using a computer to monitor.

School Bus Solutions

We consider ensuring child safety a social and moral responsibility.A comprehensive solution has been put forward by our R&D team.

Video Management

A Video Management Software is an integral component of an organization's security infrastructure.

Home Automation

A home automation system typically connects controlled devices to a central smart home hub.

Wi-Fi System

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows devices such as computers, mobile devices, etc to interface with the Internet.

Fiber Optic Solution

Fiber Optic technology is an effective cabled-based communication system. It is reliable and versatile.

Racks & Cabinet

Racks organize IT equipment, such as servers and network switches, into standardized assemblies that make efficient use of space.

IT Systems

The hardware consists of written, machine-readable instructions or programs that tell physical components what to do.


A good GPS fleet management system will help improve all aspects of your fleet operation and save time, money and energy.

Adhics, Aamen & Malaffi

Your healthcare information security is our priority. We provide ADHICS, AAMEN portal, and MALAFFI integration services.

UPS System

UPS systems ensure a controlled flow of energy to a given application. They protect critical & Sensitive equipment.

Software & Website

We provide web designing services and all types of software like Property Management, Facility Management, HRMS, ERP, etc. 


We are an ADMCC-Approved integrator for AMC service. Our AMC offers you a cost-effective, value-for-money solution.

Lighting Control System

We provide Light Designing, 2D lighting Layout, Auto CAD lighting Layout, 2D & 3D Simulations, Lighting renderings, etc.

Mobile DVR / NVR

Our system includes 264 Hisilicon high performance processor, Advanced audio/video compression technology, USB support, etc

Network Solutions

Network cables are used to connect and transfer data and information between computers, routers, switches and storage area networks.
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