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All-in-one tool
to optimize logistics and mobility operations

Managing a fleet of vehicles is like herding cats. As a fleet owner, you need a system to understand every aspect of your fleet operation, from vehicles to personnel to equipment. A good GPS fleet management system will help improve all aspects of your fleet operation and save time, money and energy without sacrificing quality or performance. You can keep track of maintenance records, eliminate the hours of administrative work, employee schedules and even how many miles each vehicle has travelled on the road!
Helping businesses optimize the last-mile of moving people, goods, and services on a unified SaaS platform

Connected Logistics

Enabling businesses to monitor, measure and optimize On-demand and Scheduled delivery operations starting from order pooling and sorting, route and fleet optimization, automated dispatch, rider operations and creating seamless delivery experiences for the customers.
Improve delivery success rates, speed and customer stickiness. Get complete visibility of your own and 3PL fleet, riders and order status in real-time and surface actionable insights.

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Connected Operations

Helping mobility operators to increase the productivity of the resources to make more money and save more money through integrated telematics data and insight-driven induced efficiencies.
We are amplifying transport and mobility operations to the next level with advanced fleet optimization, route planning, integrated logistics, billing and invoicing, smart insights, and extended visibility.

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